Reconstructive surgery

Special grafting techniques, such as microsurgery, are needed to repair defects on the surface of the body that may result from skin tumour removal, injury or surgery. We use modern techniques to treat problem wounds and then use reconstructive surgery to close the wound. In addition to standard techniques, we use microsurgical techniques with tissue transplants from the abdomen or buttocks. Interdisciplinary cooperation between different doctors is part of our clinic concept.


After the loss of the female breast, after tumour operations or even accidents, there are different reconstruction options. If only part of the breast is missing, tissue can be redistributed so that a natural breast shape results. In the case of complete loss of the mammary gland and glandular tissue, there is basically the possibility of reconstructing the breast with foreign tissue (silicone or saline implants) or the patient's own tissue. We offer all methods of reconstructive surgery. As a cooperation partner of the Breast Centre Kassel, we perform autologous tissue reconstruction of the female breast. We usually use the fatty tissue and skin of the lower abdomen for this. The tissue is then processed using microsurgical techniques and a harmonious breast can be formed. In a second operation, the nipple and the areola can be reconstructed.


Various malformations can occur during breast development. In most cases there is asymmetry with a difference in size. More serious malformations occur when parts of the mammary gland are not attached. This can go so far that even the pectoral muscle is affected. The result is an unnatural breast. This tuberous breast (trunk breast) can be operated on with different surgical methods using the patient's own tissue but also with implants. In some cases, the skin must also be pre-stretched with an expander. The operations should be carried out after the breast has stopped growing. An exception is when the mammary gland tissue is pushed forward through the atrium area. In this case, surgery can stop the progression of breast maldevelopment at an early stage of development.

Further possibilities for breast reconstruction arise from muscle and skin fat tissue. In individual consultations you will be informed about the possibilities but also the dangers of such an operation.

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