Reconstructive Surgery

To even out defects on the body surface which generally occur after a tumor removal, injuries or surgeries, certain transplantation techniques, like e.g. the microsurgery might become necessary. We are skilled in using the most modern techniques for the pre-treatment of the so-called problematic wound, before it is closed by reconstructive surgery. Next to all standard methods we are applying microsurgical techniques for the transplantation of tissue which has been taken out of the abdominal and the haunches area. The interdisciplinary cooperation of various physicians out of different medical fields is part of our concept. This concept plays a great role for instance in the reconstruction of the female breast. The possibilities of reconstruction are very different after, e.g. the loss of a breast, a tumor removal or an accident. If only parts of a breast are missing, tissue can be dispersed in such a manner that a new, natural looking breast is reestablished.

Breast reconstruction

If a whole breast (mammary gland) including the gland tissue is missing, there is always the possibility of rebuilding it with artificial tissue pads such as silicon or sodium chloride (salt solution) implants or even own tissue. As we are cooperating partners of the breast cancer center in Kassel, we are carrying out reconstructive female breast surgeries with own tissue. In general we are using the fatty tissue and the skin from the abdomen, pre-treat it with micro surgical techniques and then rebuild a natural looking, harmonic breast. In a second surgical intervention the nipple and the areola are reconstructed. Muscle and skin fatty tissue also render possibilities for the reconstruction of a breast. Most gladly we will inform you about a possible surgical intervention and its accompanying risks.

Breast deformities

Developing breasts can imply all kinds of deformities. In most cases it is an asymmetry which appears in a difference in size. Severe deformities are at hand, when parts of the mammary gland aren’t developed at all. This can even affect the breast muscle. This tuberous breast can also be rebuild with implants or own tissue. In some cases the skin has to be expanded beforehand. If a surgical intervention becomes necessary, it should always be done after the breasts are fully developed. An exception is a so-called pushing forward of the mammary gland tissue, here a surgery during the early stages of breast development can actually stop the progression of a deformity.