Liposuction at the Noahklinik Kassel

Sport and a healthy diet are supposed to make fat deposits disappear or prevent them from appearing in the first place. But the body does not always break down fat as reliably as desired. The result is small fat pads - for example on the stomach - which are a thorn in the side of those affected. In addition to these aesthetically motivated complaints, there is a disease that is called Lipedema is called. This is a fat distribution disorder that is particularly noticeable on the legs, buttocks and in the area of the arms. Diets and exercise usually do not help here. A reliable method to get rid of excess fat is liposuction. In the course of plastic surgery at the Noahklinik Kassel, a specialist removes fat cells from the body.

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Prof. Dr. med Ernst Magnus Noah
Prof. Dr med Ernst Magnus Noah - Medical Director

Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Magnus Noah is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Kassel. Prof. Noah has already been President of the VDÄPC - (Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

Before setting up his own practice, Prof. Dr. Noah was the head physician of a clinic department for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery for many years. Take advantage of his extensive experience and exceptional skills for your liposuction.

When is liposuction useful?

We perform liposuction at the Noahklinik in Kassel when patients are bothered by stubborn fat deposits or suffer from pressure pains and swelling as a result of lipedema. This is because, especially in the case of lipedema, conservative therapies rarely provide long-lasting relief from the pain.

The following areas of the body are suitable for liposuction that is as gentle as possible:

  • Neck
  • Hanging cheeks
  • Double chin
  • Upper arms, forearms
  • Thighs, especially saddlebags
  • Abdomen, hips, waist
  • in the course of a breast reduction
  • Lipedema

However, patients should note that liposuction is not suitable for losing excess weight. The aim is merely to bring out the silhouette of the body by suctioning out small pockets of fat.

How does liposuction work? How much fat can be suctioned?

At the beginning, a detailed consultation takes place between the patient and the specialist at the Noahklinik. The aim is to bring together the patient's wishes and the possibilities offered by plastic surgery. At Professor Dr. Noah's clinic in Kassel, we perform liposuction while sparing the surrounding tissue. The treatment depends on the amount of fat cells to be suctioned off.

Surgery duration:2 to 3 hours

In general, liposuction can be performed in twilight sleep with local anaesthesia, but a general anaesthetic is recommended for larger amounts of fat or special regions. Depending on the area, between three and five litres of pure fatty tissue can be suctioned out.

Liposuction methods

With tumescent solution against fatty tissue: The tumescent technique

During this procedure, a special solution is introduced into the area to be treated. The fatty tissue accumulates with the liquid and can then be sucked out via a cannula using slight negative pressure. Surrounding structures such as veins and nerves are not usually damaged by this method.

Vibration assisted liposuction

With the vibration technique, the fat is virtually "shaken out". For smaller suction volumes, a local anaesthetic is sufficient for the duration of the operation. For volumes over 1000 ml, however, a general anaesthetic is advantageous. The fine cannula used oscillates up to 80 times per second and thus ensures that the fat cells burst and can then be suctioned out.

The water jet technique - liposuction using water

This surgical procedure to remove fatty tissue works with a jet of water that is brought under the skin via a cannula. This treatment is also usually performed under local anaesthetic. The water now "washes" out the fat cells - usually without damaging surrounding tissue. We use this technique exclusively for lipedema. Furthermore, this method is an excellent way to remove fat for the Lipofilling can be won.

Liposuction and tightening with radio frequency

A fourth option is the so-called BodyTite™ method. Here, tumescent solution is also introduced into the corresponding area. The radiofrequency waves now heat the tissue both from the outside via a handpiece and from the inside. This causes the existing collagen fibres in the dermis to contract - the skin is tightened. At the same time, the emulsion of fat cells and tumescent solution is sucked out via the handpiece. The advantage of this method is that the liposuction and the subsequent Skin tightening can be performed in a joint treatment. In addition, radiofrequency therapy can also be used independently of liposuction to treat cellulite and wrinkles.

After liposuction: aftercare, pain and healing

After the procedure, there are usually bruises and haematomas. In addition, the treated area may be sensitive to pressure and swollen. The attending doctor can prescribe mild painkillers accordingly. After a few weeks, the immediate consequences of the procedure will disappear.

It is important that the prescribed compression garment is worn consistently. This is the only way to optimally support the body and skin during healing. The first results are usually seen after about three months, but the final result can take up to six - in rare cases up to nine - months. Then the patient and plastic surgeon can decide together whether another operation should be performed to further improve the result.

Sport after liposuction

Especially for patients with lipedema, the question usually arises as to when sport can be started again and which type of sport is favourable in order to spare the tissue for the time being. After liposuction, it is important to find a balance between exercise and rest. For example, walks are possible after about a week - but listen to your body! Three to four weeks after the operation, you can easily incorporate light sports such as gymnastics, yoga or short bike rides into your daily routine. However, jogging, fitness etc. should be avoided for up to six weeks - weight training for up to three months. Caution is advised, especially in the case of strong jolting, such as jogging - spare the tissue so as not to impair the result of the operation.

What happens to the skin after liposuction?

Many patients are concerned that the skin in the area of the suction will sag and thus render the result of the treatment null and void. This is usually not the case. Because at the Noahklinik for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Kassel, we always make sure to adjust the amount of suction to the individual skin condition. This is not only about the health of the skin, but about the body in general. Because although liposuction only requires small incisions, it is still a major procedure. In most cases, the skin also recedes and the scars are hardly visible after a few months. In addition, the skin can be tightened using radiofrequency therapy.

How much does liposuction cost at the Noahklinik in Kassel?

The price for liposuction always depends on the size of the area to be treated and the technique used. The costs start at around 2000 euros (plus VAT), for larger areas costs between 3500 and 7000 euros (plus VAT) must be expected. We will be happy to advise you personally in our clinic in Kassel - there you will receive further information about the procedure as well as possible risks. We will also advise you on follow-up cost insurance and answer any questions you may have about the results of liposuction and additional treatments.