How the treatment of CoolSculpting works

Coolsculpting is an invasiv and clinical proofed treatment, that reduces stubborn fat depots trough a targeted cold-treatment, created from Harvard professor. CoolSculpting is based on a safe, patended cooling technology and is the only kryolipolyse system with a FSA authorization ( +CE in europe ). It is a gentle treatment-method without a surical intervention, needles or trace-diet.
There are no downtimes and no or only minimal adverse effects.
CoolSculpting is ideal for patients, who want their fat depots, without sport, diet or surgical interventions reduce. The treatment is not made for weight reduction or for over and underweight patients.

After we identified the area with our patient which is said to be treated, we apply an applikator on the, from the doctor established , fat depot and do a targeted cooling.
Trough that, we can achieve a controlled cooling of the fatty tissue.
While you loose your fat depots , you are able to read, check your e-mails or even take a nap.
Every patient is different, so we take care of your personal needs and create an individuall treatmentplan.
Multiple-treatments on one or more areas can achieve a better result.


Effectiveness of coolsculpting

CoolSculpting leads to a cleary and measurable reduction of the treated area. Important is : The treated fat celles are gone forever. The first results of the treatment show up after 3 weeks, the end-result show up after 1 to 3 months.


Fettzellen ohne chirurgischen Eingriff verlieren

Treatment: out-patient
Duration of surgery: 1-2 hours

Coolsculpting an der Noahklinik