Own fat injection for wrinkle reduction in Kassel

In recent years, the range of anti-ageing methods in aesthetic surgery has increased considerably. There is now a wide range of options for effectively reducing wrinkles and restoring lost volume to the face - even without extensive surgery. This enables us at the Noahklinik Kassel to respond to the individual needs of our patients. A minimally invasive method of wrinkle reduction, which is also carried out with the body's own tissue, is the injection of the patient's own fat - also called lipofilling.

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Prof. Dr. med Ernst Magnus Noah
Prof. Dr med Ernst Magnus Noah - Medical Director

Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Magnus Noah is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Kassel. Prof. Noah has already been President of the VDÄPC - (Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

Before setting up his own practice, he was the head physician of a clinic department for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery for many years. Take advantage of his extensive experience for your wrinkle reduction.

For which areas is an autologous fat injection suitable?

With increasing age, the subcutaneous fatty tissue decreases. As a result, the skin loses moisture and elasticity - wrinkles appear and make the face look tired or sad. This loss of volume can be replenished with the body's own fatty tissue. Lipofilling is particularly suitable for the following areas

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette pleats
  • Loss of substance in the area of the cheeks, temples
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Lips
  • deep wrinkles
  • Hands

Lipofilling is also used in the breast area. For example, a female breast that is felt to be too small can be filled in the course of a Breast enlargement be adapted to the patient's conception by means of fatty tissue.

Lipofilling procedure at the Noahklinik Kassel

The be-all and end-all of lipofilling is a personal consultation at our Noahklinik in Kassel. Because of the range of aesthetic procedures, it is important to put together treatments individually. At the beginning of the treatment, the plastic surgeon removes living fat cells from the patient. The gentle tumescent technique is usually used here. Areas of the body where there is typically more fat tissue than necessary, such as the abdomen or the hips and thighs, are suitable for this.

Type of intervention:Minimally invasive surgery
Duration:approx. 1 hour

Before the treatment, the autologous fat is purified and can then be injected under the skin at the desired location using blunt cannulas. In this way we can reline certain areas and thus positively influence the appearance of the face. An important factor in treatment with autologous fat is the so-called growth rate. This is because fat cells that do not find a connection to the supply are transported away by the body.

In general, we expect a growth rate of 60 to 80 percent - significantly less for smokers. Accordingly, a repeat lipofilling can be useful to achieve a beautiful result.

Risks of treatment with autologous fat

As lipofilling is a procedure that transplants your own fat tissue, the risk of allergies is low. Immediately after the treatment, there may be bruising and swelling where the fat was taken. Cooling and rest as well as mild painkillers help here. 

In contrast, there is usually no pain in the face, only the skin may be a little taut at the beginning. After an injection of the skin or a breast augmentation, there are usually no scars left due to the fine needles. However, small incisions have to be made in the donor area in the course of liposuction. In our experience, these heal after a few weeks and possible scars increasingly fade over time.

Alternatives to wrinkle treatment with autologous fat

A reduction of wrinkles with the body's own substances is also possible with Own blood possible. This not only reduces small wrinkles, but also improves the skin structure, as the body builds up collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin. Tight skin is also achieved through microneedling. Here, fine needles are rolled over the skin, causing tiny injuries. Collagen is also produced in the course of healing. Other possibilities for wrinkle treatment are injections with Hyaluronic acid or Botox®which are introduced into the skin, reduce wrinkles there and thus ensure smooth skin.

How much does lipofilling cost?

Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat is usually a little more expensive than injections with Botox® or hyaluronic acid. This is because this method requires two treatment steps. On the one hand the correct extraction and preparation of fat and on the other hand the injection. For this reason, depending on the area, you should expect to pay at least 1000 Euros (plus VAT) per session for an autologous fat injection. Of course, we will be happy to advise you on the possibilities offered by this method in the course of a personal appointment. We are also your contact for a new wrinkle treatment or breast augmentation with your own fat.