Gentle intimate surgery at the Noah Clinic

Labia reduction at the Noahklinik KAssel

As a female sexual characteristic, the genital area is of great importance for a woman's psychological well-being and self-esteem. Inner labia that are perceived to be too long are often an aesthetic problem for women and, depending on the extent, also a functional problem. Pain when cycling and sitting due to pinching, increased fungal and urinary tract infections or restrictions due to chafing or even tearing during sexual intercourse are not uncommon and can be remedied by treatment. A labia reduction not only increases self-confidence through an aesthetic body image, but also gives you quality of life through unrestricted functionality.

Modern intimate surgery offers a range of possibilities to reduce enlarged labia in an outpatient, low-risk procedure. At the Noah Clinic, we make a point of always taking aesthetic concerns into account in addition to correcting purely functional disorders.

Your specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

Prof. Dr. med Ernst Magnus Noah
Prof. Dr med Ernst Magnus Noah - Medical Director

Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Magnus Noah is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Kassel. Prof. Noah has already been President of the VDÄPC - (Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). 

Before setting up his own practice, he was head physician of a clinic department for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery for many years. Take advantage of his extensive experience for your intimate surgery.

Procedure of labia reduction with Prof. Noah

During labia reduction, excess tissue is gently removed in a gentle surgical procedure. We use a high-precision radio wave device for this. Depending on the findings, we offer different surgical techniques with and without correction of the clitoral hood. The preservation of full sensation is always the first priority with every technique. Many patients even report an increased sensation of pleasure after the correction. The functional problems can be completely eliminated in almost all cases. The intimate area is to be considered as an aesthetic unit in order to achieve a natural as well as functionally and optically harmonious result. Your wishes will of course be taken into account.

OP duration1-2 hours

The labia reduction operation is usually performed under general anaesthesia, local anaesthesia is also possible in some cases. The procedure takes 1-2 hours, depending on the findings. A stay in hospital is not absolutely necessary. After the operation, swelling of the intimate area may occur, which can be treated with cooling compresses. The healing phase depends largely on your cooperation. Careful toilet hygiene should be observed for the first few days and relief (abstaining from sexual intercourse) is essential in the initial period. It is not necessary to remove the stitches. Scars are almost invisible after a few weeks.

Labia augmentation at the Noahklinik Kassel

Personal well-being is greatly affected by the disproportionate appearance and discomfort in the intimate area. The size of the labia minora has a great influence on the overall appearance of the genital area. The labia minora can be small or saggy due to a person's constitution or age. Often, a gentle labia augmentation is sufficient to restore the aesthetic shape of the intimate area and create a new body image.

OP duration0.5-1 hours

Labia augmentation with Prof. Dr. Noah

Labia augmentation is performed by means of a Injection with own fat (lipofilling) restores the harmonious unity of the intimate area. In the process, the labia minora receive an improved fullness as well as a more youthful appearance and can cover the labia minora again.

For lipofilling, a small amount of autologous fat is first removed under local anaesthesia. The fat is prepared and then injected into the labia majora using a special injection technique. There is only a small puncture, the post-operative pain is minimal and you are quickly fit for work and social life again. The entire operation takes less than 1 hour. Sometimes a small follow-up correction is necessary, as some of the injected fat cells are broken down again.
Autologous fat injection for labia augmentation is an uncomplicated, quick and low-risk procedure that provides very natural and satisfying results.