Hand surgery in Kassel

In safe hands - hand surgery at the Noah Clinic

Hand surgery is an important part of plastic surgery. Its task is to preserve or restore the function of the hands.

Due to the complex interplay between muscles, tendons and bones in a very small space, the finest microsurgical techniques and a high level of experience are required for the operation.

Hand surgery at the Noahklinik Kassel

Carpal tunnel syndrome

When the nerves in the wrist area are constricted, we speak of carpal tunnel syndrome. Women are more affected by this and have to struggle with numbness, pain and hand dysfunction. In an outpatient operation, our doctors widen the carpal tunnel and thus ensure that the middle arm nerve is no longer pressed by the surrounding structures.

Dupuytren's disease - surgical treatment in Kassel

In our clinic we treat Dupuytren's disease. This is a benign growth in the palm of the hand. They make it difficult for the patient to bend the affected finger. Prof. Dr. Noah, a specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, removes the nodular connective tissue growths in an outpatient, minimally invasive operation and thus ensures unrestricted freedom of movement for the hands.

Snapping finger - Have a snapping finger treated

A spinning finger is not actually a threatening condition, but it can be uncomfortable and painful for those affected. The tendons of our fingers are guided along the bones with the help of ring ligaments. The flexor tendon of the finger can thicken due to heavy strain during sport, everyday life or work. Due to the anatomical narrowness of the fingers, the thickened attachment of the tendon only slides through the ring ligament with difficulty - a kind of snapping occurs. Stretching the finger in particular is usually difficult and can be associated with pain. In order for you to be able to move your finger again without any problems, the doctors in our practice cut the corresponding ring ligament slightly in the course of a minor surgical intervention.