Prof. Dr. Noah Chief Physician of the Noah Clinic Kassel

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Plastic surgeon Prof. Ernst Magnus Noah
Prof. Dr Ernst Magnus Noah
Chief Physician Noah Clinic
Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

General information

At the Noahklinik Kassel, Clinic for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, we offer the entire spectrum of aesthetic operations and procedures at the highest level. Plastic surgery is no longer reserved for "top models" and film stars. More and more women and men want to take advantage of these opportunities. A radiant smile from alert eyes or a well-shaped, natural bosom not only looks good, but also creates well-being and thus health.

In addition to his work as chief physician, Prof. Dr. Ernst Magnus Noah fulfils his function as past-president of the VDÄPC. He is also an active member of the professional associations DGPRÄC, DGCH and the Senological Society.

In order to stay on the ball, especially from a scientific point of view, innovative therapy concepts have been evaluated in clinical studies at the Noahklinik's study centre. Here, for example, we were able to investigate medical innovations in wrinkle treatment, minimally invasive face lifting, assisted breast lifting and scar treatment. These innovations have the potential to optimise the safety of the surgical procedure and the results that can be achieved with it.

As founder of the Noahklinik and plastic aesthetic surgeon, quality assurance and patient safety count.

Interview with Prof. Dr Noah

In Germany, cosmetic surgery is an unprotected term that anyone can use to advertise. How are patients supposed to know whether their doctor is qualified to perform these operations? Only the specialist training of a plastic surgeon has aesthetic surgery of the entire body as a fixed component. 

State-of-the-art surgical techniques and procedures are certified by the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (DGPRÄC, formerly the Association of German Plastic Surgeons VDPC) is constantly reviewed and further developed.

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