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Breast lift Kassel

Women are not always dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. Often pregnancies, increasing age and weight loss leave traces on the tissue of the female breast. Sagging breasts can be particularly problematic if infections and inflammations form in the folds under the breast because the sweat cannot dry. In plastic and aesthetic surgery, a breast lift can be performed here. The basic volume remains the same. In the case of large breasts, however, this operation can also be combined with breast reduction. Breast lift surgery is also called mastopexy.

Breast lift facts

Form of treatment:stationary
Anaesthesia:General anaesthesia
Surgery duration:2 to 3 hours

depending on the findings

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Prof. Dr. med Ernst Magnus Noah
Prof. Dr. med Ernst Magnus Noah
Medical management

Prof. Ernst Magnus Noah, MD is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Kassel. Before Prof. Dr. Noah set up his own practice, he was the head physician of a clinic department for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery for many years. Due to his extensive experience, he is a specialist in breast surgery such as breast lifting, breast augmentation and Breast reduction. Use his experience and skills for your breast correction.

Breast lift procedure at the Noahklinik Kassel

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Breast lift methods

Breast lift using the I-technique

T-cut - for a toned bust

Autoprosthesis: Breast lift in the inner bra

Combination with autologous fat

Aftercare after breast lift

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