Facelift, Facelifting

While getting older the skin loses more and more its elasticity. The tension of the facial musculature decreases, the aging process starts to show. These effects range from the facial features down to the neck. Newest research results have shown that getting older correlates with the changes of the fatty tissue dispersal in the face. The impact that the aging process has on these areas can be visibly improved by lifting the skin, the hypoderm, the connective- and fatty tissue, SMAS and the neck musculature. After the treatment the skin looks naturally refreshed and not like a mask. A surgical lifting promises secure and long-lasting results. More important than just restoring the skin to youth is the reestablishment of a rejuvenated form of the connective- and fatty tissue underneath. This so-called SMAS Lift, where the fatty tissue is newly dispersed, actually guarantees a long-lasting result. A lifting of the skin alone, which is done on so-called weekend facelifts, would soon make a give in, very unsatisfactory for the patient. The surgical intervention is carried out under general anesthesia. We recommend staying in-patient for 1 or 2 days. The tiny incision scars will be hidden in the hairline. During the first days after surgery you should avoid active movements of your head in order to keep the swellings as low as possible. After approx. 6 weeks sports or other body activity is possible again.

Chirurgische Faltenreduktion mittels Facelift in der Noahklinik
Facelift / Facelifting / SMAS Lift

Treatment: in-patient
Duration of surgery: 4 – 6 hours

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