Noahklinik - Clinic for plastic surgery in Kassel

Anmeldung Noahklinik Kassel

Our § 30 licensed clinic for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is equipped for outpatient and inpatient treatments. Billing with private health insurance companies is possible through our accreditation.

Plastic Surgery Noah Clinic in Kassel

All operations and inpatient treatments at the Noah Clinic are carried out at specialist level.

Medical Director Noah Clinic: PROF. DR. MED. ERNST MAGNUS NOAH

Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Prof. Dr. med Ernst Magnus Noah
Prof. Dr med Ernst Magnus Noah - Medical Director

Beauty surgery or cosmetic surgery is an unprotected term in Germany that anyone can use to advertise. How are patients supposed to know whether their doctor is qualified to perform aesthetic and plastic surgery? Only the specialist training of a plastic surgeon has the aesthetics and function of the entire body as an integral part.

State-of-the-art surgical techniques and procedures are constantly reviewed and further developed by the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (DGPRÄC, formerly the Association of German Plastic Surgeons VDPC).

At the Noahklinik in Kassel, these surgical techniques are used - both in cosmetic surgery and in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Aesthetic plastic surgery

Ästhetische Chirurgie in der Noahklinik Kassel


Aesthetic surgery includes all shape-changing procedures that are not medically necessary but are performed exclusively at the patient's request. Often colloquially referred to as cosmetic surgery, the aim of plastic aesthetic surgery is to improve the patient's appearance.

Rekonstruktive Chirurgie in Kassel an der Noahklinik

Reconstructive surgery

After an accident, a cancer operation or in the case of congenital malformations, it may be the case that the body needs to be restored (reconstructed) in its form and function of the body, here reconstructive surgery becomes necessary.

In sicheren Händen - Handchirurgie in der Noahklinik

Hand surgery

The hand is a complex organ that enables a multitude of highly developed functions. Accidents as well as diseases such as arthrosis, diabetes, rheumatism, gout or strokes can change the function of the hand.

Noah Clinic cosmetics

With Noahklinik Cosmetics, we would like to sensibly supplement the range of services of the Noahklinik Kassel - plastic surgery - in the field of aesthetic surgery. While our main focus has so far been on invasive and minimally invasive procedures in the field of plastic aesthetic and plastic reconstructive surgery, we are now also including cosmetic treatments in our range of services.

In order to provide our patients with a holistic range of services, it was our concern to be able to offer a combination of non-operative and operative methods after comprehensive consultation with the Noahklinik cosmetics unit.

Noahklinik cometics sees itself both as a supplement to plastic measures and as preparation for planned measures after medical assessment.