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Noahklinik - clinic for plastic surgery

Our clinic has 25 beds for the in-patient and ambulatory treatment. The light and friendly rooms remind of hotel rooms – not at all comparable to usual clinical interiors. Four doctors and a team of nurses and physical therapists are taking care of you 24 hours. All surgeries and ambulatory treatments are carried out on a high standard level: furthermore the supervision on the interdisciplinary intensive care – and the intermediate care wards guarantee a highly qualified and save medicine.

Director: Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Magnus Noah


Prof. md. ph. d Ernst Magnus Noah

In Germany Cosmetic surgery is still an unprotected name. Everybody may use it for advertisement. How should a patient know, if her/his doctor is qualified enough, to carry out such surgeries? One of the most essential components during the training of aesthetical surgery is the professional training of plastic surgery. The association of German plastic surgeons (VDPC) is constantly supervising and progressing, the most modern surgical techniques.

More information, cv about Prof. Noah md ph. d

The aesthetic surgery


The aesthetic surgery summarizes all body-changing operations, which are not necessary and only made by request of the patient. Also known in colloquial language “beauty op”, the goal of the plastic-aesthetic surgery is to improve the appearance of the human beeing.

Reconstructive surgery


After an accident, a cancer-surgery or an innate malformation, it might be that the body has to be restored ( reconstructed ) in his form, in that case the reconstructiv surgery becomes essential.

Burning surgery


The skin is the biggest and most sensitive organ of the human being. If the skin gets burned or corroded, the right treatment is the burn-surgery. While a superfical burn is healing itself, heavy burning require plastic-surgically-treatments.

Hand surgery


The hand is a complex organ with a wide range of functions that are allowing us to do high-complex tasks.
Accidents and illnes, for example arthrosis, diabetes, rheumatism, gout or strokes can change the hands functions.