Wrinkle treatments in Kassel

Our ageing process also affects our skin. Over time, wrinkles appear, which are caused by the decline in collagen production. Environmental influences, genetic predisposition or a corresponding lifestyle can also be responsible for the development (e.g. stress, nicotine, little sleep, too much sunlight, etc.). The same applies to incorrect or insufficient skin care.

Wrinkles are natural and occur in everyone - earlier in some people, later in others. However, open, friendly eyes or smooth, well-groomed skin often appear positive and full of energy. Visible signs of ageing, on the other hand, are perceived as disturbing and negative.

When are wrinkle treatments useful?

Wrinkle treatment is interesting for patients who feel younger than they look. For the correction of your wrinkles, we have a wide range of different treatments. non-operative and operative methods. Likewise, through our Noah Clinic Cosmetics help you choose the right skincare product for your skin.

Frequent applications & treatments against wrinkles

Note on the follow-up cost regulation after aesthetic operations

We recommend that our patients take out follow-up cost insurance before having an aesthetically motivated operation. This covers you in the event that complications arise during or after the operation that require medical care. This is because, according to the current legal situation, the health insurance companies are allowed to share the costs of the follow-up treatment with you (§52 Social Code). We will be happy to advise you in detail on this topic in our practice.

Note on our own behalf

Since 01.04.2006, due to a change in the Therapeutic Products Advertising Act, we are unfortunately no longer permitted to present you with before-and-after pictures of operations as examples on our website. However, we will of course present you with approved patient examples as part of a personal presentation.