3-D simulation of the treatment results

3-D simulation information

With Crisalix simulation technology, we offer you - our patients - an innovative system to visualise your expected treatment outcome. After more than five years of dedicated development with hundreds of surgeons and patients, the Crisalix 3D simulation makes it possible to provide anatomically accurate 3D images. This makes it possible to perform almost all plastic and aesthetic operations such as Breast enlargements, -reductions, Liposuction or on the face like Rhinoplasty or Botox® treatments can be simulated three-dimensionally and realistically. In the following, we would like to give you some information about this in advance.


  • Our patients receive a realistic simulation and thus also an idea of their desired treatment
  • Based on the simulation, we can explain the treatment to you in detail and advise you even better
  • Implant sizes and shapes, types of surgery, placement and even scar progression can be displayed in breast surgery


You will be photographed by your doctor from the left, frontally and from the right. These conventional 2D images are then loaded into the Crisalix computer system and the 3D image is generated within a few minutes. Your upper body is displayed in 3D on the computer. The simulation that is now possible gives you an initial idea of how a breast enlargement, for example, will affect you. Different implant sizes and shapes are simulated so that you can see how an implant weighing 280 g will change your breasts.

At the Noah Clinic we take the photos with the help of a 3D infrared sensor, which improves the simulation considerably compared to the photos. The special software reproduces the body area three-dimensionally and then makes it possible to change it virtually according to your ideas.

Please note that a 3D animation can only serve as an aid during the consultation, to illustrate the possible changes. The actual result after a breast augmentation is usually different from the 3D processing, as it is still only a simulation.

3-D simulation: Implementation

What could it look like? If you like, you can use the software to simulate your "desired change" from home. At your leisure from the comfort of your sofa.

Breast enlargements

You would like to have a breast augmentation but have no feeling for the size of implants that might be suitable for you? Would you like to develop a feeling for the different cup sizes, quantities and shapes? Choose from a wide range of different implant types, sizes and surgical techniques in the 3-D simulation. For a first impression of your own and, if you like, also as a basis for the first consultation at the Noah Clinic. Just try it out!


You can also visualise rhinoplasties, Botox, fat transfer and much more with the 3-D simulation. Answer the question: What could I look like after a procedure?

3-D simulation face and chest