Peripheral Nerve Surgery

The entity nerve/muscle can be disturbed due to an accident or tumor removal.

Next to motor disturbances, also insensitivity or even nerve pain can occur. All these problems can be extirpated with a surgical intervention. A special field in reconstruction surgery is the reestablishment of motion in the facial area. After a tumor removal or stroke (apoplexy) a hemiplegia (paralysis of one half of the face) can emerge. But also an inborn facial paralysis may be the case. The possibilities for reconstruction range from the transplantation of local muscles to nerve transplantation combined with so-called free muscle implants. Depending on the time for how long a nerve was, so to speak disconnected or out of function, it can also be restored directly. An arbitrary, which means controlled reconstruction, is the transposition of the temple muscle.Through this the movability of a cheek can be regained. The patient learns to move the face with only slightly hinted maxillary motions. At the same time the closed eyelid which is often also a consequence of a facial paralysis and can be almost complete, is restored. Regarding younger patients and hereditary lesions, nerve grafts of the still functioning facial nerve (nervus fazialis) are laid to the damaged side. After a waiting period of approx. 6 – 9 months, a muscle taken out of the leg is surgically transplanted into the face. Thereby it is even possible to witness automatic spontaneous movements. Damaged nerves in the arms (Plexus brachialis) or lower legs (N. peroneus) can also be restored in almost the same manner. Not before we have extensively tested the remaining muscle activity, we are designing an individual plan for reconstruction and discuss it with you. After nerves have been severely damaged, very often nerve pain can occur. If the pain originates from so-called blind ends of a nerve (neuroma), a surgical therapy can surcease the pain cycle. The end of the nerve can be relocated and newly sewed up or is transferred to deeper tissue layers.