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Peripheral nerve surgery

The functional unit nerve/muscle can be disturbed by accidents but also after tumour operations. In addition to the loss of movement (motor), sensory disturbances or nerve pain can also be at the centre of the complaints. There are surgical options for all these problems.

Facial nerve surgery

One speciality is the restoration of movement in the facial area. According to Tumour removals but paralysis of one side of the face can also occur after a stroke. There are also congenital facial paralyses.

The reconstruction options include the transplantation of local muscles but also nerve transplantation in combination with so-called free muscle grafts. Depending on the denervation time (time of non-existing functionality), nerves can also be directly reconstructed. As an arbitrary, i.e. controlled reconstruction, the transposition of the temporal muscle is suitable. This can restore the mobility of the cheek. The patient learns to move his face with only indicated jaw movements. In the same operation, the eye closure, which is often complete as a result of the paralysis, is also restored. In younger patients and congenital lesions, nerve grafts are placed from the functioning facial nerve to the damaged side. After a waiting period of about 6-9 months, a leg muscle is then surgically transplanted into the face. In this way, even involuntary, i.e. spontaneous, movements can be achieved as a reconstructive result.

Nerve surgery in the area of the arms & legs

Nerve injuries in the area of the arm (brachial plexus) but also in the area of the lower leg (peroneal nerve) can be reconstructed in a similar way. Only after extensive testing of the remaining muscle activity can an individual reconstruction plan be drawn up and discussed with you.

Nerve pain

Nerve injuries are often followed by nerve pain. If this pain originates from blind nerve endings (neuromas), surgical therapy can interrupt the pain cycle. Here, the nerve end can be relocated, sutured again or moved to deeper tissue layers.