Skin grafting & tissue reconstruction in Kassel

Tissue defect treatment in plastic surgery

Tissue defects can occur as a result of accidents or tumour operations. All types of tissue such as skin, fat, muscle, bone and appendages can be missing. It is one of the fundamental fields of plastic surgery to restore these tissue defects by means of tissue transplantation.

In addition to the functional failures, it is a high concern of plastic surgery to achieve an aesthetic restoration of the body shape. We have various techniques of tissue defect treatment and tissue filling at our disposal, ranging from simple skin transplantation to the transplantation of complex tissue parts, but also tissue reconstruction using foreign materials.

Of course, not everything that is technically possible can be realised for every patient. It is very important to us to perform realistic operations without increased risk potential for the patient. We draw up a reconstruction plan in an individual discussion and after an appropriate pre-operative examination.