The study centre introduces itself for sponsors/CROs

Prof. Dr Noah has been conducting studies in Kassel since 2005.

Valentina Krasny joined the team in September 2015. As a trained medical assistant and long-time employee in a laboratory, she complements the study centre with her professional knowledge. Since then, she has acquired additional qualifications for conducting clinical studies (study nurse) and for coordinating clinical studies.

In addition to our head physician Prof. Dr. Noah and the specialist Dr. Weinberger, our study centre is complemented by 2 study assistants.

We can provide current GCP certificates recognised by the ethics committees for all members of the study groups. We also have several years of experience in conducting drug and medical device studies.

Noah Clinic Study Centre in Kassel
Studies in Kassel

Our equipment

We have a fully equipped treatment room with treatment couch, centrifuge, ECG, reflex camera (Canfield system) for optimal photo documentation, temperature-controlled refrigerator and freezer as well as lockable cabinet and our own templogger.

For a monitoring visit, the monitors have their own room and, if required, free W-Lan access.

We have a fully equipped pharmacy and can provide optimal emergency care.

For further information please see the section Equipment.

Likewise, we have an extensive database of test persons and interested parties and can

Your contact persons at our study centre

Valentina Krasny
Valentina Krasny MFA, Study Nurse
Prof. Dr. med Ernst Magnus Noah
Prof. Dr. med Ernst Magnus Noah
Medical management
Dr Eric Klingelhöfer
Dr. Eric Klingelhöfer - Specialist for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
Denise Egenolf - MFA
Study Nurse

+49 (0)561 81 04 94 0