Natural volume building for face and body with fillers

Fat cells do not only cause unwelcome pounds on the belly and hips. In plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, the cells are enjoying growing popularity. "Fat is a natural substance of the body. That is why it is ideally suited to rebuild volume in the face or body naturally and at low risk," explains Professor Dr Ernst Magnus Noah, Head of the Clinic for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

The treatment of the female breast with autologous fat leads to a naturally beautiful result. Human fat cells have a size of approximately 0.1 millimetres and connect with their neighbouring cells via net-like structures to form fatty tissue. There are two types of this tissue with different functions. "The brown tissue is rarely found in the body. It produces energy and thus protects against cold. The white fatty tissue, which I use for the procedure, stores the fat and thus cushions the tissue," Noah explains.

Goal: The skin looks smoother

It is precisely this mechanism that plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery makes use of. "If I inject fat cells under the skin, it fills up from the inside and becomes visibly smoother. This effect is suitable, for example, to even out a deep nasolabial fold. For finer wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, I recommend other filling substances such as hyaluronic acid," the expert explains.

With increasing age, the subcutaneous fat tissue decreases and the elasticity of the skin diminishes. The consequences: Wrinkles and sunken areas of the face. Since autologous fat is a filler substance from the body, the method has significant advantages: There is no risk of rejection or allergy and the effect lasts for a long time. In addition, the injection causes only a small puncture. This keeps post-operative pain to a minimum and the patient is quickly fit for work and social life again.

For autologous fat injection, Noah takes small amounts of fat tissue from the thigh or buttocks and injects it specifically into the area to be treated. Noah also uses the method when it comes to correcting volume loss caused by unsightly scars.

Application area chest

The treatment of the female breast is another, albeit much more complex, field of application for autologous fat transplantation. Not only breast cancer patients benefit from this, but also women with breasts of different sizes or sagging breasts after pregnancy or breastfeeding. "Since the body's own tissue is injected, we achieve a very natural result with this method," says the specialist.

New liposuction methods enable a gentle removal of fat cells. For example, the expert removes fat cells from the tissue using a water jet. These are prepared and then injected into the breast using a special injection technique. "This requires extensive experience and feeling. I therefore advise all those interested to have the procedure performed only by a specialist," Noah concludes. (nh)

HNA, Article published on: 26.01.11
Source: http://www.hna.de/gesundheit/lokal/fett-gegen-falten-1099478.html