Sexy: a beautiful décolleté - the epitome of femininity

Whether tightening, reduction, enlargement or reconstruction: the reasons for a breast correction are manifold. Prof. Noah fulfils the desire for a beautiful décolleté using the latest medical knowledge and innovative surgical techniques: "The goal is a breast that fits the woman's body and blends harmoniously into the overall picture," explains Prof. Noah. The most frequently requested cosmetic procedure by women is breast augmentation. Augmentation with premium implants or filling with the patient's own fat is possible. It is especially important for the patients to know: At the Noahklinik, only quality implants of the 5th generation (Natrelle® series from Allergan ) with a high level of safety are used. They offer a special strength level of the gel and are particularly tear-resistant.

But missing volume can also be replaced with autologous fat. To do this, excess fat is removed from one part of the body - e.g. the abdomen or thighs - processed and inserted into the breast. This is a good alternative to implants for women who do not want implants or who only want a small enlargement of their breasts. It is also possible to combine both methods. For example, in very slim women, the breast implant is often visible and palpable due to the lack of surrounding fat tissue. "In such cases, we can conceal the transitions very well with autologous fat and create a natural-looking décolleté."

Prof. Noah is currently testing a whole new method that is particularly suitable for lifting large breasts as part of an international study: the "Orbix Breast Support System", also called the "inner bra". In this CE-certified surgical technique, thin silicone sheets are attached to the ribcage with silk straps. This lifts and supports the breasts. This method is not suitable for all women. It is mainly for women who have large breasts and who need firming and internal support. For small breasts, other firming methods are indicated.

Six patients have already been operated on in Kassel as part of this study, and Prof. Noah will surgically lift the breasts of four more patients using this method in June. Other surgical centres for this study are Tel Aviv/Israel, Brussels/Belgium and London/GB. Prof. Noah is the only plastic surgeon in Germany who is testing this surgical method and will evaluate the results together with the other surgeons.

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