"Those who come to my clinic for a consultation want to do something good for themselves," states Professor Dr Ernst Magnus Noah, head physician of the Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the Red Cross Hospital in Kassel. "I want to help patients achieve a fresh and radiant appearance without reversing the natural ageing process," he explains further. Noah therefore relies on the concept of "beautiful ageing". In contrast to the principle of "eternal youth", the focus here is on holistic, natural beauty. With a combination of the most modern procedures and individual treatment, he achieves the optimal result for the patient. Patients benefit from the unlimited spectrum of surgical and conservative treatment options.

Effective remedies for minor wrinkles

To eliminate minor expression lines, Noah recommends mesotherapy, needling, wrinkle fillers or Botox injections. Mesotherapy supplies the skin with a targeted combination of hyaluronic acid and selected vitamins and thus boosts the formation of new collagen and elastic skin fibres. In wrinkle filling, on the other hand, the body's own or body-identical substances pad the wrinkle. In contrast, a Botox injection smoothes by reducing the muscle activity that causes deep expression lines and helps to achieve a relaxed facial expression. To counteract pronounced wrinkles - such as the nasolabial fold - a so-called lipo-filling is an option. The doctor removes very small amounts of body fat from the abdomen or hips in order to remodel specific areas of the face.

Fresher skin texture

Head physician Noah: "The above-mentioned methods offer the advantage that a significantly fresher skin appearance can be achieved within a very short time. Natural beauty can be achieved without the need for a scalpel.

Source: Jerome Kassel, Issue 05, Volume 3, Autumn 2010, p. 60