Bodycontouring: The gentle way to a slim silhouette

After the most beautiful season of the year, summer, many people look sceptically in the mirror these days: Do the bikini and the swimsuit really fit? And how do I look in them? Because the figure is not always what one imagines or dreams of. Especially nasty: even with iron discipline, there are so-called resistant fat pads that just won't disappear even with diet and lots of exercise. For women, these are often the unloved "riding trousers" and for men the euphemistically named "love handles".

Fat pads can be a nuisance

"If these fat deposits are very disturbing and affect your enjoyment of life, they can be permanently removed with liposuction," explains Prof. Noah, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. "In no way is liposuction a method for losing weight," he clarifies. The Noah Clinic uses low-risk water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL), which is based on tumescent local anaesthesia, a regional anaesthesia of the skin and fatty tissue. Prof. Noah uses a very fine water jet to gently detach the fatty tissue from the rest of the body. The pressure of the water jet adapts to the various surrounding tissue structures so that the fat deposits can be suctioned off precisely.

Liposuction not only shapes the body, but also firms the connective tissue, making the dream of a slim silhouette a reality. And the summer can come.

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