Innovative body shaping with cold - freezing away fat deposits



If fat cells are exposed to cold for a longer period of time, they die. This scientific finding led to the development of a non-invasive body sculpting treatment: cryolipolysis or better known as "Coolsculpting". The procedure is certified by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the reduction of fat cells through exposure to cold and has been proven to be effective. "For the removal of small fat deposits, this new procedure is a sensible alternative to classic liposuction," explains Prof. Noah, who performs this innovative method in his clinic.

Often, it is only small pads on the thighs, knees, arms or belly that cloud the body image. In men, hip rings or a small belly are the most frequent reasons for going to the plastic surgeon. The good news is that these fat deposits can be permanently removed safely and painlessly with cryolipolysis. The local treatment takes about one hour: "The fat cells are destroyed by the cold treatment and then metabolised by the body in the following weeks," Prof. Noah explains the procedure. Therefore, it takes two to three months until the final result is visible. If necessary, further treatments can be performed on the treated body region to optimise the result. However, if larger amounts of fat need to be removed, liposuction is still the method of choice, the expert clarifies.