Injection with hyaluronacid

The methods of injection-treatments can be very efficient and can let your face appear fresh over several years.
An advantage of the injection-treatment is, that you are, in contrast to an eye lied streamlining or a facelift , immediately able to go out in public.

The fold-treatment with hyaluronacid is a treatment , that deals with filler-methods with your own-body-substance, which gets injected with a thin needle.

The use of this treatment finds its place , in the region of facial features and shaping lips. Aging is a loose of tissue, so we use modern fillers to achieve great results.

Since the hyaluronacid is a body-own substance, a winkle treatment will endure great with the body-own substance of the patient.
The duration of the treatment effect depends between six months up to two years , because the hyaluronacid degrades over the time. A winkle treatment can repeatless regardless. Within the treatment the substance will be injected into right the face area. Regulary training and high experiences are the basics for an optimal winkle treatment. Cheap- hyaluronacids misslead people to cheap-treatments. Be aware of this.

We take care that we only use professional and proofed products from producers with big names.

The oppurtunities of a winkle treatment is incredible, but they assume a high knowledge about anatomy. Poorly , we often need to treat vicitms of cheap-treatments.

Perfect education and optimal products will show great results. This is our standard

The result is a fresh, young and a natural-looking skin.

Hyaluronsäure mindert Falten - Noahklinik
Treatment with hyaluronacid

Treatment: ambulatory
Duration of surgery: 1 hour