V LIKE VOLUMENLIFTING - for a younger look


A young face is characterised by its heart shape, which resembles a V, with plenty of volume in the cheek area. With age, however, the shaping fat compartments in the midface sag and the face loses its youthful V-shape. It becomes rounder and more A-shaped. Incidentally, this change in the shape of the face means that a person's age can be seen from a distance, even if wrinkles are not visible from a distance.

The good news is: Today, you no longer have to put up with that. This lost volume can be compensated with a treatment with Own fat or Hyaluron and give the face back its rejuvenating volume," explains Prof. Noah. The focus here is on the cheek area, which shrinks with the years and makes the face look older. Filling the fat area is therefore the logical consequence for an optical rejuvenation effect.

Plastic surgeons are increasingly using the body's own fatty tissue for volume treatment - thanks to technical developments and new findings in stem cell research. This is because fatty tissue contains a lot of stem cells; these are essential for the body to accept the injected fat. The advantage over other fillers is that the patient's own fat integrates naturally into the tissue. "The required fat cells are removed with a cannula from where they are dispensable - for example, from the hips or abdomen," explains Prof. Noah. They are then prepared and injected into the face. "Overcorrections are hardly possible, because the body breaks down excess fat cells again," knows the specialist, who has been working with autologous fat injections for years.

Alternatively, a volume lift can also be performed with hyaluron. Especially for a volume treatment, preparations are available that are characterised by their special viscosity. "This makes them easy to inject into the deep layers of the skin and ensures a natural result," explains Prof. Noah. To give the cheeks back their youthful fullness, Noah treats precisely defined points in the region, on the cheekbone and below the lower lid. A welcome side effect: the unloved nasolabial folds are automatically smoothed out by the lifting effect of the volume treatment, as these are usually caused by the sagging cheek fat.