Lip Flip - naturally beautiful, enlarged lips

Lip Flip

Beautiful, perfectly shaped lips are an ideal of beauty for many. Unfortunately, this is a dream for many people, so that the desire for a correction arises. However, many are afraid of "tube lips". Here, the new minimally invasive therapy form Lip Flip can be an interesting option.

What is Lip Flip?

Lip flip is a method of lip augmentation. The aim is to make lips appear naturally larger.

Lip Flip Technique

In the Lip Flip technique, a specially created combination of hyaluron and botulinum toxin is injected in the area of the upper lip. Some articles also speak of the "lower lip flip".

Lip Flip with Botox

This relaxes the muscle and the lip "flips" outwards. This makes the lip look bigger in a natural way - even though no volume has been filled in. The red of the lips becomes more visible.

The right combination leads to beautiful and naturally full lips
without "dinghy or beak!"

Use of hyaluron

If an enlargement of the lip is desired at the same time, this can be achieved by using hyaluronic acid.

Is Lip Flip the same as Gummy Smile?

No - a Lip Flip is used when the upper lip is not to be curled. This is done by injecting in the area of the upper lip.

A Gummy Smile is used when a lot of gum is visible when laughing. Depending on the severity, Botox is injected into the responsible muscle so that the smile often appears narrower.

Course of treatment

If you are interested in a Lip Flip, we will carry out a preliminary examination and consultation with you. Our experienced plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Noah will provide you with all the details about your planned treatment. You will receive all information about the procedure, possible risks and possible alternative forms of therapy. He will also clarify with you whether a treatment is appropriate and promising in your case.

Side effects and risks

As with any procedure, there may be side effects.

Slight swelling and bruising around the mouth after the injection is normal and nothing to worry about. Cool the mouth regularly and allow yourself some rest on the day of treatment.

Also avoid direct sunlight or solarium for about a week.

Patients are often fit for socialising the next day, but the swelling can last up to three days in rare cases.

When does the effect begin?

Lip-Flip takes effect within 3-5 days.

How long does the result last?

The result lasts about 3-5 months. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated and refreshed.


A lip flip can make lips look bigger and crisper. The result looks natural. The artificial, plumped-up appearance is avoided.

Therefore, the method can be very interesting for those who want a medium and natural-looking enlargement of their lip. Take advantage of the extensive experience of our plastic and aesthetic surgeon Prof. Dr. Noah.

Why go to the Noahklinik Kassel?

  • Prof. Noah is ex-president of the Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (VDÄPC)
  • German Member of Parliament of ISAPS
  • Above-average experience and high patient satisfaction in the field of eyelid corrections
  • Included several times in the Focus list of medical experts
  • 25 years of experience as a plastic aesthetic surgeon

We look forward to meeting you and advising you on your lip correction!