With CoolsculptingThis is a new method developed by doctors at Harvard University, which uses cold to freeze away annoying fat pads - with so-called "fat freezing". Cryolipolysis. Coolsculpting completes a highly modern chain of surgical methods for body shaping. For many years, methods such as vibration technology and water jet technology have been used at the Noah Clinic to suction off body fat, and the extracted fat can be used for further body-shaping measures on the face, buttocks and breasts or for scars and wounds. We use state-of-the-art radio frequency technology for skin tightening.

The Coolsculpting device we have now acquired is the top of the line product of non-invasive cooling technology. Without surgery, fat deposits are cooled to 4 degrees and the fat cells in certain areas are destroyed. The resulting cell debris is gradually broken down by the body itself. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and only takes one to two hours - depending on the individual treatment plan in one or more sessions and can thus be integrated into normal everyday life. One can go back to work or sports directly after the treatment.

The technology itself is Prof. Dr. E.M. Noah has already been known for 7 years and has been tested by him on various devices from different manufacturers. The Coolsculpting device now acquired by the Noah Clinic from the company Zeltiq delivers the most stable results and currently represents the gold standard of cold technology. With the development of different applicators, hips, abdomen, bra folds, thighs and arms can now be treated. The applicator for neck region will be available soon.

Our strength and uniqueness in North Hesse and South Lower Saxony is that we can offer all modern techniques and thus suggest the best and individually adapted form of therapy to our patients.