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Test persons wanted!

Free studies with an aesthetic focus & allowance for expenses

The Noahklinik study centre in Kassel is currently looking for test persons for clinical studies in the field of aesthetics.

The studies are of course free of charge for the participants and one receives an expense allowance of 50 euros per visit (thus, depending on the study, up to 1200 euros in total).

The international multicentre studies are supported by
The procedures are strictly supervised by doctors and are carried out in accordance with international ethical and scientific standards (GCP, good clinical practice).

We are currently still looking for participants for the following studies

Chin augmentation / chin improvement study
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Chin augmentation / improvement of the chin in projection with hyaluronic acid in case of recessed chin (receding chin)

Study Treatment of frown lines with Botox
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Treatment of frown lines with Botox (botulinum toxin E)

Study Treatment of strands on the neck
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Treatment of cords on the neck, which are particularly noticeable during tension (cords of a superficial muscle on the neck = platysma) with Botox (botulinum toxin A).


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If you are interested, please call 0561 / 81 04 94 0 or send an email (doctores@noahklinik.de) for more information.

We would be very pleased to welcome you soon in our study centre at the Noahklinik!