Everyone wants to look as good and young as they feel - all the better if they don't have to go under the knife. So-called minimally invasive facial procedures with fillers and botulinum are booming and have been growing for years. "Especially before the holidays at the turn of the year, these quick beautifiers are more in demand than ever," Prof. Noah knows from his practice.

"But here, too, caution and a sense of proportion are important, because every face ages individually and therefore there should be no standard solutions for these measures," explains Prof. Noah. That is why a detailed medical history and consultation are essential for the success of the therapy. In this process, it is analysed exactly what the patient finds disturbing in his or her face: Is it the frown line on the forehead or a deep nasolabial fold that makes him look grumpy? Or is it a washed-out chin line due to age-related loss of contour?

Often it is individual wrinkles that are perceived as unattractive, but increasingly volume loss is also coming to the forefront of treatment requests. Patients often come to me and say, "I just want to look a bit fresher and more rested again," says Prof. Noah. Different treatments have proven successful for the different indications. Usually a combination is the key to success.

Treatment with botulinum has proven to be effective against expression lines such as frown lines, horizontal wrinkles caused by the constant lifting of the forehead, or the unloved crow's feet around the eyes. The proven medical active ingredient is injected directly into the muscle, which is then immobilised. The beautiful result: the skin becomes noticeably smoother. This effect lasts four to six months, after which follow-up treatment is necessary.
If - mostly younger - patients are bothered by individual wrinkles such as the nasolabial fold, these can be effectively injected and smoothed with the latest generation of hyaluron fillers.

For some time now, everyone has been talking about the so-called volume building of the face: with the years, the face loses its contour. The volume in the midface, which gives the face its youthful V-shape, diminishes. This is usually clearly visible in an unclear chin line. This lost volume can be restored with a volume treatment." Here, the individual wrinkle is not treated, but rather the sunken cheek areas are filled up again over a large area with highly cross-linked hyaluron. The face appears fuller and therefore more youthful again," explains Prof. Noah. Especially with volume treatment, less is usually more to achieve a natural result.

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