Lipofilling / Fat Injection

The reasons for the formation of wrinkles in the face region are very different. Because the skin is liable to the muscle underneath, every movement causes a formation of wrinkles.
The forehead region , crow´n feet and frown lines are expressions and consequences of musclemovements.
Wrinkles can be age-related or caused by the use of the daily facial expressions.

Next to hyaluronacid we recommened you the lipofilling. With it little tissue defects like nasolabialwrinkles will be filled with your own fat cells , which will be removed from, for example, the knee or the waist.
It is an ambulant treatment, where the fat cells under local anesthesia trough tumescent get recovered and centrifuged.

The fat cells will be injected ito the desired body region through special needles.
The advantage of the own-body-fat transplantation in contrast to the use of synthetic products is the better compatibility. The body recognizes your own fat cells and a repulsion process does not take place in high proportions , like at other products.

The application area of lipofillig are nasolabialwrinkles, marionette wrinkles and substance loose at the cheeks.
The treatment can be done anytime again.

Lipofilling for wrinkle reduction

Treatment : out-patient
Duration : 1 hour