Correction of the ear / ear lope reduction

Children and adults often suffer from a rather harmless deformity of their ears. The correction of the ear is an uncomplicated intervention which has become a surgical routine meanwhile, can help to solve this problem. Incisions are either placed directly behind the ear or in the skin fold in front of the ear. Scars will be almost invisible. In general the surgery is carried out under local anesthesia, but regarding children we prefer a general anesthesia and recommend staying in the clinic for one night. Another field of the Otoplastic is the correction of too large or torn ear lopes, which are often very unpleasant and rather annoying for the patient. A simple surgical intervention carried out under local anesthesia by one of our specialists also solves this problem very fast and easy. Incisions are placed as unobtrusive as possible.

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Treatment: in-patient / out-patient
Duration of surgery: 2 hours