"It is estimated that about 5 % of the population are affected by protruding ears. And not only children but also many adults suffer from the visible stigmata. Protruding ears can lead to loss of self-esteem and considerable psychological stress in a person's life.

In the classic method of ear correction (otopexy), a spindle-like piece of skin behind the ear is usually removed, then the cartilage is exposed and modelled. For this purpose, permanent sutures are placed like a mattress to restore the missing fold (antihelix). A problem with this more complex method is sometimes the ears folding back again (so-called recurrence).

With earFold™, there is now an additional treatment option in Germany with special advantages. The principle of earFold™ is to enable the missing auricle fold without skin removal and without thread by means of a small implant.

The product is available to a few specialists who have been explicitly trained in this minimally invasive procedure for operating on protruding ears. The training was first-hand from its inventor, Dr Norbert Kang. We are one of the first centres of excellence for Earfold™ treatment.

The advantages of Earfold™ for the patient at a glance

  • Immediate and lasting result
  • Simulation of results possible even before the actual operation
  • Short, outpatient treatment under local anaesthetic
  • No conspicuous head bandage
  • Little to no absenteeism