Lipofilling / Fat Injection / Self-Fat Treatment

Fat cells not only cause unwanted pounds on belly and hips: In plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, the cells are enjoying increasing popularity. Since this is the body’s own fat is a filler substance, it is ideal for natural and low-risk volume in the face or body to rebuild. And the treatment has with body fat / lipofilling other advantages: There is no rejection or allergy risk and the effect persists over a long period of time. For a lipofilling small amounts are taken from own fat from thighs and buttocks, and injected into the targeted treatment area. This allows deep wrinkles, sunken cheeks or compensate chin and thin lips.

Lipofilling / Fat Injection / Self – injection treatment in the treatment of fat face

When lipofilling own fat is injected under the skin, they will be filled from within and visibly smoother. This effect is such as to compensate for deep nasolabial folds. For fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, other fillers such as hyaluronic acid are recommended. Lipofilling / autologous fat treatment is only a small puncture. Thus, the postoperative pain would be small and the patient is quickly work and socially acceptable.

Lipofilling / Fat Injection / Self-Fat Treatment for breats reconstruction, breast reconstruction, breast augemntation or breast deformity

The treatment of the female breast is another much more complicated application of lipofilling. Not only breast cancer patients benefit from the treatment with autologous fat, but women with different sized breasts or sagging breasts after pregnancy or breast-feeding. New methods of liposuction allow gentle removal of fat cells. Here are solved by technical means, such as water blasting fat cells from the tissue. These are processed and injected in connection with a special injection technique in the chest. The treatment with autologous fat provides a very natural result.

Lipofilling / Fat Injection

Treatment: in-patient / out-patient
Duration of surgery: varies depending on the treatment