3D informations

With the simulation technology of Crisalix we offer you, our patients an innovative  system to exemplify your expected  treatment-result.

After more than five years of dedicated development with hundred of chirugs and patients the 3D simulation Crisalix can show you accurate 3D pictures.

Therewith, it can be shown any kind of plastic or esthetic surgery pictures like breast enlargement, -reduction, liposuction and face plus nose corrections or Botox treatments in realistic and three-dimensionally simulations.


Advantages :

+ Our patients receive a realistic simulation, to get an imagination of their desired treatment

+ Because of the simulation, we can offer you a more detailed explanation and advice for your treatment

+ Implant sizes and their forms, treatment-type, placement and even their scar-course can be shown in the chest-surgery


 3 photos, 3 easy ways for 3D simulation


Your doctor will take photos from the left, the right and the middle of you.

These common 2D images will be uploaded into the Crisalix Computersystem and the 3D image will be created in a few minutes.

Your upper body will now be shown in 3D on your computer.  By the use of the 3D picture you get your first imaginations. For example a breast enlargement .

Different implant-sizes will be simulated, so you get a view for several breast-types.

At the Noahklinik we create the admission with help of a 3D-infrared sensor, which shows an improved comparison to the photos.

This special software creates step by step a three-dimensional body and allows us to change the look of the body , to fit your imitations.

Please notice, that the 3D animation only takes place as an aid for the advice, to show you the changes you wish for. The actual outcome after a breast-surgery is mostly a different one, from the one we showed you in the 3D simulation.